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BioFusion - Nature-Identical Plant Grown Nutrients

What Makes BioFusion™ Nutrients Better?

#1 The BioFusion™ Complex

BioFusion™ nutrients are vitamins and minerals that are embedded into a living food matrixBioFusion™, like real food, integrates the vitamin/mineral into a glycoprotein matrix. The body recognizes this as a true food-complex, NOT an isolated chemical, for superior absorption and assimilation into the body.

#2 The Guided Protein Supplement Delivery System

BioFusion™ Nutrients utilize a proprietary delivery system. Attached to every BioFusion™ Nutrient is a "Unique Protein-Peptide Carrier" that transports and delivers the nutrient into the targeted cell. This ensures arrival of the nutrient to the correct destination.


What are BioFusion™ Nutrients?

BioFusion™ nutrients are vitamins and minerals embedded in a food matrix, without the water and the fiber. In the edible portions of our natural foods, vitamins and minerals are always found in protein complexes. They are never found as isolated pure molecules and they are never found to be embedded to other chemicals. Vitamins and minerals which are present in food are contained within a complexed matrix of proteins + lipids + enzymes + bioflavonoids + trace elements.

Professor J Vinson from Scranton University in Pennsylvania has been involved for many years in conducting trials comparing isolated chemicals and BioFusion™ nutrients. His summary expresses the important elements of this unique and remarkable technology.

BioFusion™ nutrients are the most important advancements in nutrition today. They are not just another brand of USP vitamins and inorganic mineral salts. Instead, BioFusion™ nutrients are a unique generation of vitamins and minerals that are molecularly embedded to the basic building blocks of life: protein."

The unique and outstanding feature of BioFusion™ nutrients is the complete embedding of the micronutrients into a food matrix. This does not mean physically mixing the vitamins and minerals with proteins and other substances. Rather it involves a sophisticated "growing" process.

How are BioFusion™ Nutrients Assembled?

Producing vitamins and minerals in a food form is achieved through a range of exclusive, proprietary processes. BioFusion™ Vitamin C for example is derived through an elaborate process, where ascorbic acid is biochemically incorporated and concentrated into a citrus extract.

A breakthrough technology using yeast and yogurt has been developed to produce food form minerals. In this process, a mineral is attached to a specific peptide which in turn is introduced into a growth tank containing a yeast solution. Upon inoculation of the protein chauffeured mineral into the budding yeast, the mineral is absorbed and metabolized by the yeast cells. Intracellular, and through bio transformation the once isolated nutrient is incorporated with other food elements to produce a wholesome vitalized, concentrated food.

The proprietary process can take anywhere from 12 - 24 hours depending on the mineral being metabolized. Enzymes are then introduced to break down the yeast cell walls. The yeast cell structure breaks down entirely and no active yeast remains. What remains is an easily digestible, nutrient rich compound.

People who have yeast allergies are typically sensitive to the proteins in the yeast wall membranes. These allergenic components are entirely broken down in this process.The final step is drying the finished product. This is accomplished with an instant drying process (flash drying) to protect the nutrients. This is the same process used to dry enzymes and retain their activity. The resultant powder is subjected to rigorous physical, chemical, and microbiological quality control tests before being passed for sale.

It is the complete matrix of food co-factors that the body naturally recognizes as food that makes BioFusion™ nutrients so much more effectively absorbed and utilized than normal USP supplements.

What Exactly Does Absorption Mean?

Absorption is an over-used and often abused word. Most people who take food supplements are "sold" that one brand is better absorbed than another. Absorption, however, is not the complete story. Bioavailability covers absorption, retention, assimilation and utilization. Unless the supplement is high in all of these factors, the real benefit to our body can be very low. There is little benefit if the isolated nutrient, having been absorbed into the blood stream, cannot be assimilated by a solid organ such as the liver. If it is not assimilated, it cannot be retained or utilized on demand. The nutrient must also be delivered to the right place.

Understanding The Delivery System

 Dr. Massoud Arvanaghi, the scientist responsible for the manufacturing of BioFusion™ nutrients, has examined the technical comparison of food and BioFusion™ nutrients with regular isolated nutrients.

This is what he has to say about BioFusion™:

“It is well accepted that humans are intended to receive the nutrients they need from food sources. Attempts to improve on this basic principle by concentrating the elements in food into single actives (such as ascorbic acid) or into fractions that are considered to be the most valuable, have not yielded the beneficial effects that were expected. Isolated substances cannot compare in value to food or BioFusion™ nutrients and this has been well demonstrated through scientific research.”

“The significance of the BioFusion™ efficiency in absorption, delivery and utilization is found in the way in which the nutrients are embedded to a peptide (protein) carrier or chauffeur. Nutrients are not found on their own in the body and they do not simply wander about looking for an appropriate destination site. Nutrients are targeted by a transportation system whereby protein chauffeurs deliver nutrients to the exact location for utilization within the cell.”

This means that isolated chemical nutrients may be absorbed, but when they enter the body there is no mechanism to target their delivery. The body does not recognize them. So, they are either deposited in the wrong places, which causes problems, or they are flushed right back out of the body.

BioFusion™ nutrients on the other hand are delivered by the protein chauffeurs to the cells that need the nutrients and, more specifically, to the right sites within the cells.

Nutrients occur naturally as complex food compounds and it is in this form that they best support the body's processes. Isolated chemical nutrients are foreign to the body. Their effectiveness is vastly inferior to their natural counterparts and there is some evidence that they may even confuse or override the natural processes.

*What Does The Evidence Show?

Calcium is traditionally very difficult to absorb and use in the human body. If for example, you give Calcium Carbonate as a supplement for calcium deficiency, there are a number of difficulties. Firstly you need to give a large amount to get a little benefit. 1000mg of calcium carbonate yields 400mg of elemental or actual calcium. Of this 400mg, we would be fortunate if 5% is absorbed.

This means that with 1000mg of Calcium Carbonate we end up with about 20mg (5% of 400mg) of calcium absorbed. Secondly, one is not sure if the calcium is correctly utilized. Because it is an inorganic chemical which comes from the soil, it is not embedded to a protein and therefore it is not properly targeted in the body. We know that this type of calcium tends to clog arteries and cause atherosclerosis and also ends up as deposits in the colon or the kidneys.

BioFusion™ calcium is embedded to protein and research has shown between 70% and 90% absorption. Because it is embedded to the protein chauffeur, it is targeted for appropriate utilization.

Conclusion - A Practical Imperative

BioFusion™ nutrients revolutionize our understanding of supplementation and preventative health.

We need to optimize our nutritional intake and support our biochemical processes. We must do that with the most efficient and cost effective nutrients available.

Dr Peter Mansfield, a highly respected author and doctor in England expresses it most succinctly:
"There is no doubt in my mind that BioFusion™ technology solves our nutritional problems. It provides doctors and other therapists with a harmless, ye t potent,means of healing, alongside restoration of adequate food quality. At last health seems attainable by us all."

* Disclaimer: "These studies may not conform to peer review standards. Therefore, the results are not conclusive."

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