Hydroflexx (7.6 fl oz)

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The first powder-to-gel advanced joint product you activate at home with water to ensure maximum effectiveness and freshness.
  • GET REAL RELIEF from joint discomfort within 7-10 days - not weeks or months with other products that use Chondroitin or Glucosamine.
  • QUICKLY AND EASILY RESTORES hyaluronic acid levels in synovial fluid providing essential lubrication and cushioning for aging and active knees, hips, and all other joints.
  • JUST ADD WATER to activate the shelf-stable hyaluronan powder with water when you are ready to use it. Product will absorb the liquid and turn into a gel within hours and is ready to use.
  • The HydroFlexx™ technology may be an alternative for anyone who wants to avoid knee and hip degradation, knee surgery and a dependence on prescription drugs.
  • THE WORLDS FIRST Powder-to-Gel Hyaluronan Formula for Total Joint Support